Tradescant & Son - Easy Living Feb 2013 - Railings

Something we are asked about a lot is our ability to provide bespoke products, whether it’s cushions, colour-matched shades for our fabrics or entirely different base fabrics for our designs.

Most interior designers come to us for something different – they don’t want to turn to the big, easily recognisable names for their projects, and know that it’s more interesting for clients to be asked “Where did you get your amazing curtains?” rather than “Oh, so you used the beige and cream colourway of Hugely Famous Company’s best-selling and instantly recognisable fabric?”

Rather than limit our clients with the smaller range of colours and finishes inevitable in a niche design studio, we use our core collection of colours simply as a starting point.  Our books contain both the full colour versions of our designs and three of our most popular colourways – Dust, Rose and Ink, along with an invitation to discuss alternative colours, fabrics and finishes to complement the most adventurous project.

This week we are fulfilling orders for a set of four bespoke cushions and a roll of our Winter’s Bone antlers pattern in darkest not-quite-black, which we colourmatched to Farrow & Ball Railings on request.

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Image: Railings in a room from Easy Living, February 2013, with thanks.