Interior Designer Focus: Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniake - Tradescant & Son 1

I encounter many interior designers every day, and I love looking through their work to see how Tradescant & Son could fit in to their style.  Of all the UK interior designers I have encountered though, the one I come back to over and over again to study her work, think about how she chooses colour, texture and art, is Rose Uniacke.

Her style is (for me) impossibly cool, serene and welcoming – a glorious combination.  She favours natural fabrics, especially linen, resting on texture and simplicity rather than colour and pattern, and punctuated with oversized art and masculine lighting.  Her rooms are full of natural light (although perhaps this is a virtue of the luxury of high end clients with homes with high ceilings and huge windows), and curtains are unobtrusive, pooling on the floor.

I even think about her paint choices – I strongly suspect Slipper Satin might be on her list.  What colour do you think these walls below might be?

Rose Uniake - Tradescant & Son - 2

In addition to homes (she is currently working on Victoria Beckham’s new home in Holland Park), she has also famously done the Jo Malone HQ and showroom – a confidently uncommercial homelike space, in soft shades of cream, punctuated with black.

The  press coverage of this project has been interesting as it has highlighted the difference between US and UK trends in interior photography.  In this picture below, you can see how Rose Uniacke has presented the Jo Malone interior on her own website, compared with the brightly lit version in Lonny:

Light Contrasts

And compare this blindingly over lit picture (again from Lonny) with the ones below – I love Lonny, but the excessively bright photography drains all the texture out of the room.


Rose Uniacke - Lonny

Rose Uniacke’s own site:

Jo Malone Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniake - Tradescant & Son 4

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