The Botanist, our NEW fabric collection is finally here…

The Botanist, our NEW fabric collection is finally here…

Finally after a complete labour of love, our second collection, The Botanist, is finally here and I hope you love it as much as we do.

From launching our debut collection in 2018, we have met some incredible people who have become either valued clients, suppliers or simply friends…we have listened to everyone’s suggestions and ideas and voila, The Botanist collection is here!

We felt our brand would really benefit from the introduction of a floral design and a little more colour.  Current industry trends are showing that strong colours and all over pattern is in demand so the creation of The Botanist was based from all this knowledge but with the necessity that the designs are timeless and we think we have achieved this perfectly.

John Tradescant Snr started his career as head gardener at Hatfield House when it was owned by Sir Robert Cecil.  He created and cultivated the gardens here and with Sir Roberts blessing, went on many voyages exploring foreign lands, finding many different species of plants and flowers and returning them to England to introduce to the gardens at Hatfield House.

Flora – View colourways here

Flora is a beautiful and simply coloured floral printed onto 100% Linen.  The parred down version of Grandiflora has a striking yet almost masculine feel to the design.  The intricate hand drawn detailing is exceptional.  We left the peony amongst other smaller areas of the design un-coloured to allow the crisp oyster colour of the linen to come through and give a strong contrast against the colour of the ground cloth.  The teal coloured beetles gives the fabric a subtle vibrancy which is just lovely when the fabric drapes.

Suitable for both soft furnishings and upholstery.



Grandiflora – View colourways here

Grandiflora is a huge step out of our collection comfort zone.  It is a full colour, all over detailed floral that caused me many a sleepless night.  Was it too vibrant, too detailed, too much going on but I just loved it so much that I decided to go for it.  I didn’t want a pretty, chintzy design that people would only use in a traditional environment but something that wouldn’t look out of place in any interior setting.  We felt that Grandiflora was such an authentic looking floral.  It pays homage to all the beautiful gardens in England and we’re sure John Tradescant Snr himself would be pleased with our design which we hope honors the work he did at Hatfield House and all the wonderful specimens of flora and foliage that he introduced to England.  Most of which are the most loved plants and flowers in England today.

As standard, Grandiflora is printed onto a Linen/Viscose mix which gives the fabric a beautiful handle and drape.  It is such a tactile fabric with the added bonus of being difficult to crease.  For a more bold look, we can print the Grandiflora onto our 100% linen which really makes the colours and pattern leap off the fabric.

Suitable for all soft furnishings and upholstery.



Alliga – View colourways here

Alliga is a fabulously striking design.  Its our interpretation of algae and lichen that forms in beautiful patterns on rock faces by the sea shore and on trees in woods.  From our colour trials, we selected Absinthe as we loved the intensity of this really useable colour; the ink and blush look magnificent made up and also work perfectly with the more simple fabrics such as Chevron, Pen & Ink and Winter’s Bone from The Curator collection.

The Alliga is printed onto a Cotton/Linen mix and is suitable for all soft furnishings and upholstery.



Ibis Toile de Jouy ~ a vivid and flamboyant Linen

Ibis Toile de Jouy ~ a vivid and flamboyant Linen

One of our most popular designs on linen is the striking Ibis Toile de Jouy.  Available in a selection of colours on 100% Linen and as a wallpaper, this design is favoured for more traditional schemes and country styled properties.  Traditionally the Toile de Jouy is a French themed all over pattern depicting a story of sorts.  Our interpretation has a more tropical vibe!!  The scarlet Ibis is found in South Africa and the Caribbean and is known for its bright red plumage which definitely can’t be missed on the African plains! The intense red which leans more towards a coral colour, contrasts beautifully with the delicately drawn palm trees…this bold design will definitely bring an element of flamboyance to any interior scheme!

Standing Ibis

Our original colourway is available as a wallpaper, which has a pale vintage styled strie stripe effect running through the background of the paper.  When hung, this quality luxury wallpaper, has an exquisite aged effect and sits perfectly with the linen fabric.

Ibis Toile De Jouy Wallpaper

If your preference is for something a little more muted, why not have a look at the Ibis Toile de Jouy printed all ink.  This on trend blue is evident throughout our entire collection allowing for endless co-ordinating fabric options.  If you feel the 100% Oyster Linen is a little too bright for your liking, we also print most of our designs onto a 100% undyed natural flax linen.

Ibis Toile de Jouy Colourways

Our other colourways, Dust and Charcoal, are the perfect selection for your neutral colour schemes.  These colours still provide a striking pattern just minus the bold colour choice.

Do take advantage of our bespoke service should you want the Ibis Toile de Jouy in a specific colour…we can match to virtually any colour of your choice and even print onto alternative ground cloths.  The Ibis Toile de Jouy does look splendid printed onto Velvet!  Our minimum quantity for a bespoke order is only 10m*!!  This service is also available with our wallpapers. (*design fee may apply depending upon the required changes.)

Note these velvets are samples only are are in an unfinished state.

Note these velvets are samples only and are in an unfinished state.


Parakeet, a Summer sensation

Parakeet, a Summer sensation

Summer is definitely nearly here and what better way to celebrate this spectacular time of year than introducing a splash of vivid colour to your room!  Parakeet is a design that evokes happiness. The meticulously hand drawn birds swoop and soar across the 100% linen in various stages of flight; from restful thoughtfulness to playful dipping and darting. Parakeet was inspired by the 19th Century poet and illustrator Edward Lear.


Edward Lear, born in 1812, and was an English artist, poet, musician, illustrator with many strings to his bow…he is well known for his children’s poem, The Owl and The Pussy Cat which most people will have heard at some point in their life.  His works were often perceived as welcome literary nonsense with a hint of joviality which in turn may surprise people to learn that Lear spent most of his adult life suffering from a form of depression due to his embarrassment at suffering epileptic fits.  I can imagine that in his era and the limits of medical science, his condition would have blighted his day-to-day life hence his retreat into art and the written word.

One of his earlier works around 1832, when Lear was 18 years of age, was the Illustrations of the Family of Psittacidae, or Parrots. This bound book consisted of 42 paintings of parrots, painted at the London Zoo and private households, produced as lithographic plates. The quality of his paintings of parrots established his reputation as one of the best natural history artists of his time.

This Parakeet design is available in ‘Original’ (as shown) and ‘Ink’ on a natural flax 100% linen and an oyster linen. This colourway is also available as a wallpaper. Another Colourway available is ‘Dust’ which is printed on oyster linen as standard.  The versatility of this linen fabric makes it suitable for drapes and other soft furnishings including light domestic upholstery.  Please contact us if you want further information on our bespoke service as we can print onto a variety of alternative ground cloths, colour match and rescale to suit your requirement.