About Tradescant & Son

The Curator, our debut collection of printed linen, is inspired by cabinets of curiosity and the natural world, and in particular by John Tradescant, the 17th century gardener and collector, whose collection formed the beginning of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford today.

The collection was developed over a two year period when we realised that our design research for Natural History was leaving us with a growing archive of unusual and extraordinary drawings and designs.  Developing these into our launch collection was a long and careful process of meticulous drawing and exhaustive colour testing.  

The muted and sophisticated colourways that we chose to complement the richly coloured original drawings were selected to combine perfectly with the paint brands favoured by the interior designers we work with, so that a coherent look can be easily achieved.  We can also colour match our prints to your specific requirements.

All of the designs are available on a versatile off-white linen and a beautiful and organic natural flax linen.  The majority of our designs are printed onto 100% linen which has been woven specifically for Tradescant.  All our designs are digitally printed using the latest in technology here in England giving you a truly British made product.

If you would like to discuss our Bespoke Service whereby we offer custom-colour matching, printing onto a range of different ground cloths or we can rescale and/or amend any design to suit your design scheme, then please do get in touch with us via info@tradescantandson.com or ring the studio on 01200 446386.